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What happened to Evelyn Grace Hartley? Listen to "Evelyn Hartley: Shadow of Coincidence" on Unfound--A Missing Persons Program. This is a fascinating case from decades ago in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Of course, it is still solvable. Bringing attention to these sorts of cases is highly significant for awareness and information. Ed Dentzel interviewed "Shurlock" of CrimeBlogger1983.blogspot.com, who is presently covering the case of Evelyn Grace Hartley. 

Who murdered "Mountain Jane Doe"? Learn more about "Mountain Jane Doe" at Reveal, which is managed by The Center for Investigative Reporting, where you will find articles pertaining to this case and other cases. As you will see, this case points to a larger discussion about the importance of focusing upon the large number of cases that remained unsolved as the years go forward. 

Charles Brewster Ross has been missing since 1874. There are some posts about this case on The Charley Project Blog by Meaghan Good, who manages The Charley Project. Charles was kidnapped in Germantown, Pennsylvania.

Celinus "Clem" Graver was abducted from his garage in 1953 in Chicago, Illinois. "Shurlock" is covering the case of "Clem" Graver at CrimeBlogger1983.blogspot.com. This is another fascinating case that in my view is still solvable.